Consulting services to assess and manage integrated risks

Consulting services to assess and manage integrated risks

Where financial outcomes reflect the interaction of different activities with separate risk profiles, looking at the risks of each activity in isolation will miss important correlations and risk transfers and may make the overall level of risk exposure difficult to measure.

Gazelle’s mission is to address the shortcomings of current approaches for “stakeholders” exposed to integrated risks through integrated risk modelling (IRM)

IRM for defined benefit pension schemes: Outcomes for “stakeholders” depends on the interaction of the risks reflecting employer support, scheme funding, and investment policy. Gazelle’s IRM helps stakeholders, fiduciary managers and consulting firms to make risk management decisions based on properly integrating these risks.

tPR Funding Consultation Integrated Modelling Study

Modelling report was produced by Simon Willes, Xiao Han and Almas Mussanov, Gazelle 2020